Greetings from the farm!

Just wanted to pop in and say hello from the farm, where I’m WWOOFing for 2 weeks with a friend.  We arrived Saturday and have been weeding, watering, planting, and picking blueberries to our heart’s content.  It’s beautiful out here and our kind hosts have had many travelers through the years, both international and domestic.  Town is a 45 minute drive away, and we’re situated on 250 acres of private property with a beautiful 2 mile loop in “the back” that winds through meadows and tall trees, by a creek and between young firs.


I’ve long felt the desire to learn more about farming, to feel a stronger connection to the land and the life that it sustains, and in exchange we are able to provide our kind hosts with some assistance around the property to help maintain a way of life and body of knowledge that is slowly slipping from the cultural landscape and national heritage.  And the quiet – oh, the quiet.  Cars are rarely heard on the main road, birds call out between the blueberry rows [and we bark or meow to try to scare them off, but they just hop a couple feet away from us and laugh at the silly WWOOFers who honestly believe that they could be scared off so easily!].  It’s quite peaceful and beautiful.  More soon!


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